Martin Boyle

1982 Born Donegal, Ireland.
Lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


2006-08 University of Ulster, Belfast
Masters of Fine Art.
2001-05 Limerick School of Art and Design
Honors B.A. in Sculpture and Combined Media.
2000-01 Galway Technical Institute.
Portfolio course in Art and Design.

Exhibition History


2020 - NO:TIME, MCAC, Portadown, Northern Ireland
2016 - Snap! Droichead Arts Centre, Drogheda, Ireland
2015 - ‘Human body’ accident, Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast, NI
2014 - Everyting’s Connected, Art Centre Ongoing, Tokyo, Japan
2013- Genuine Replica, Ulster Museum, Belfast, NI
2013- Instant Advice, Unit, Platform Arts, Belfast, NI
2010- Things to Remake and Do, Artlink, Buncanna, Co. Donegal

Two Person Exhibition

2016 - These Days are Persistent and Changeable, Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast, NI
[Two person show with Lorraine Burrell]
2015 - Existence of flamethrowers in your street, G126, Galway, Ireland
[Two person show with Lilian Duthop]
2014 - this is authenticity, Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast, NI
[Two person show with Jun Yang]
2010 - Consumed, Platform Arts, Queen St, Belfast, NI
[Two person show with Louise Shine]

Group [selected]

2021 - Portrait of Northern Ireland, Neither an elegy nor a manifesto
A survey exhibition of 100 years of art making in Northern Ireland.
2021 - Home: Being and Belonging in Contemporary Ireland, The Glucksman, Cork, IRL
2021 - Mediating Signals-Assigning Ambiguity, Flax Art Studios, Belfast, UK
2021 - Urgencies, CCA, Derry/Londonderry, UK
2018 - MAW, Middlesbrough, UK
2017 - ART WORKS, VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art, Carlow, Ireland
2017 - Future Artist-Makers [touring] Nerve Visual Gallery, Derry, NI; FabLab Limerick, IRL; FabLab Madrid, Spain
2016 - 20/20 : Art in the Eastside Billboard Exhibiton, Belfast, NI
2015 - Diagrams, QSS Gallery, Belfast, NI
2015 - Diagrams, Pallas Projects, Dublin, Ireland
2015 - Out in the Open, Household Collective, Belfast
2015 - Shuffle, Templemore bath house, Belfast, NI
2015 - Order, Skullduggery Tattoo, Belfast, NI
2014 - Eleven: JEMA 10 Year Retrospective, Bob Rauschenberg Gallery, Florida, USA
2014 - Flax Art Studios 25 year Anniversary exhibition, Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast, NI
2014 - Ongoing Fes, Art Centre Ongoing, Tokyo, Japan
2014 - Little Kingdoms, Catalyst Arts, Belfast, NI
2014 - Out of the Ordinary, Naughton Gallery, Queens University, Belfast, NI
2013 - Household Contemporary Art Festival, Belfast, NI
2013 - Sim Sala Bim, SIM Husinu, Reykjavik, Iceland
2013 - BeSpectacleD, Belfast Photo Festival, Platform Arts, Belfast, NI
2013 - Exquisite Corpse, Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, Belfast, NI
2013 - SCOPE Art Fair, Represented by the Golden Thread Gallery, New York
2012 - Instances of Agreement, KAO YUAN ART CENTRE, Taiwan
2012 - East Belfast Arts Festival, Belfast, NI
2012 - Household Contemporary Art Festival, Ormeau Rd, Belfast, NI
2011 - In Tools, Tools for Solidarity, Crumlin Rd, Belfast, NI
2010 - Freshers, The Naughton Gallery, Queen's University, Belfast, NI
2010 - Arrivals, Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast, NI
2010 - Next Chapter: The Proliferation of the Museum, JEMA at the Raccolte Frugone Museum, Genoa, Italy
2010 - Small Wonder, John Erickson Museum of Art, Golden Thread Gallery Project Space, Belfast, NI
2010 - Truth does not matter, Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast, NI
2009 - Switch Festival, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, Ireland
2009 - Live @ No.8, Tulca Visual Arts Festival, Galway, Ireland
2009 - Moving Media Image Screenings at RUA RED, Dublin, Ireland
2009 - GIGUK, Video Art festival, Gieben, Berlin
2009 - Screening of recent Video Works, PSsquared, Belfast, NI
2009 - OK. Video COMEDY, 4th international festival, National Gallery of Indonesia
2009 - Capitalyst Arts, Catalyst Arts, Various Retail window locations around Belfast
2009 - Window festival, @ Residence, SHAC, Belfast
2009 - Auto Cannibal, Black Box, Belfast


2018 ACES Award
Arts Council of Northern Ireland
2016 Support for the Individual Artist Programme Award [SIAP]
Arts Council of Northern Ireland
2014 Support for the Individual Artist Programme Award [SIAP]
Arts Council of Northern Ireland
2014 Art Centre Ongoing Residency, Toyko, Japan
2014 Travel Award
Arts Council of Northern Ireland,
2014 Career Enhancement Programme, Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast, NI
2013 Artist in Residence, Ulster Museum, Belfast, NI
2013 SIM Residency, Reykjavik, Iceland
2012 Support for the Individual Artist Programme Award [SIAP]
Arts Council of Northern Ireland
2011 Support for the Individual Artist Programme Award [SIAP]
Arts Council of Northern Ireland
2010 Selected Artist for the New Art, Artlink Competition, with a Solo exhibition, Buncranna, Co. Donegal
2009 Support for the Individual Artist Programme Award [SIAP]
Arts Council of Northern Ireland
2008 Flaxart Graduate Residency Award
Flaxart Studios, Belfast, NI


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2016 An Image of Ireland, Contemporary Artists from Ireland, imago mundi [Book]
2016 Martin Boyle at GTG Belfast, by Slavka Sverakova
2015 ‘Human body’ accident, International Sculpture Centre blog interview by Dorothy Hunter
2014 this is authenticity, Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast
2013 Household at Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, slavkasverakova.wordpress.com
2013 ‘Primal’ Abridged 0 - 29 Magazine
2012 Instances of Agreement, Taiwan [catalogue]
2012 Circa Online Review, Household, August 2012, by Slavka Sverakova
2012 SWITCH, Contemporary video art in a public context [catalogue]
2010 Arrivals, Ormeau Baths Gallery [catalogue]
2010 Circa Online Review, Truth does not matter, Belfast, February 2010, by Slavka Sverakova
2008 Degree show Critics’ choices, Circa Magazine 125 page 64, Slavka Sverakova