Martin Boyle works across diverse mediums his conceptual art includes installation, sculpture, photography, video, and site-specific pieces.

Influenced by ideas of uncertainty expressed in both euphoric and dark Romanticism, by way of a deeper and otherwise unknowable reality behind what we can perceive. Boyle’s recent work taps into this perspective exploring the gap between knowledge and reality through the limits of human reasoning.

In this uncertain place, with no fixed vision of truth, he focuses on experiences that are shareable often exploring our desire for the transformative and the transcendent through meaning making.

His poetic delivery charts human habits and social issues, often drawing out a sense of precariousness or vulnerability in places, by excavating the aspirations and ideologies.

He appropriates readymade objects and found images that are temporarily assembled into a specific form with the potential to be pulled apart and reassembled as something else. This gives an instability in his artwork, which leaves the works open-ended and capable of assuming different meanings.